Friday, August 30, 2013

Reading habits in kids

Today's kids are smarter in using various gadgets and are aware about all the latest technologies available in the market.. Thanks to the Ads which are bombarded on TV, Papers etc.all the time. My 6 year kid is no exception as he was giving me advice (!!) last week while I was just roaming around in mall looking for various laptops and their configuration.

Education through technology is having its plus points no doubt as children can learn the new things may be at faster rate and as a result they can recollect it easily than just reading the books.

But using various gadgets for video games, play station, internet surfing etc. are no no for me. It does not give any creative satisfaction if compared to activities like drawing or painting or any other physical activity also which is required for overall growth of child.

Today children can sit ideal in front of TV, Computer for many hours but reading a book may be difficult for them... Its parents responsibility to inculcate reading habits in child at an early stage by helping them reading story books, identifying pictures, giving books as gifts instead of giving costly gadgets / games.

Being a librarian I make a point to gift books when ever possible not only to kids but also to my friends and relatives also. I hope that these small steps can help to bring joy again by reading good books for all.

So keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes Bhakti. Books helps a lot to know the things with pictures. Also keep your eyes, mind and health perfect if we compare with latest gadgets.

    Nice reading...keep sharing.

    Tanuja Kapoor


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