Friday, December 3, 2010

Workshop on web technology in Library services

At present I am busy in preparing for the upcoming "Workshop on web technology in Library services" on 24-25 January 2011" which will take place at NIA, Pune

I will be teaching the blogging activity. Those who are interested please see the details here.

Emphasis will be on practical usage with hands on sessions and will be useful for librarians who are new this technology.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Web Tools

People are not aware about various web tools available on the Internet. Recently I came across following such tools/sites, which will be useful for others and hence sharing with you. It will give idea and even motivation to others to do something new. Few resources given below are such lists and some sources gives the idea about how to use such web tools.

1. Directory of Experimental Library Tools: Blog written by Ken Varnum.

2. Illinois Library Web 2.0: The Blog

3. GO2WEB20 - Web Applications Index

4. Zotero

5. Web and Library Tools from SLA

Before using these web tools do please check their utility, functionality and also their pricing..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Writer's block

Hi friends

You may be surprised to see someting new on the blog after a long time .. but simultaneously there is nothing new actually!!!!!!!!!

I am not a great writer but still I felt that I am unable to write something new which would be exciting for me as well as for others too. This is not an excuse but I was preoccupied with my personal and other professional priorities too. But I promise that I will be back on my track and hope it to continue.

Good news is that I had published a paper titled as "Application of modern techniques in Library Service : A case study of Insurance Sector Library " along with my colleague Ms. Bhagyashree Sane who presented the paper at 10th MANLIBNET Convention received the BEST PAPER AWARD.

Meantime I got many hits, new followers and new comments too. I thank you all.

Have faith and keep going

Bhakti Gole
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