Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Infographics in Libraries

Recently I come across a new term “Infographics” which means Information graphics or graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

I found Is Print Dead? (Infographic) very interesting.

The librarians can use this technique for displaying library usage, collection development, and expenditure analysis over a period of time. Generally this kind of information is given during committee meetings by means of PowerPoint presentations. But for display purpose the infographics is best way to communicate same data / information to the readers.

This may be used for library advocacy programme as suggested by Linda W Braun in How-To Use Infographics for Library Advocacy 

Another example I come across is Layola University in New Orleans where the students are guided about infographics.

Anatomy of a Librarian is another example for infographics. The accuracy of data given is not known but the picture gives an idea how infographics helps the readers to understand the concept in better way with visual representation.

Instead of giving data / statistical information in tabular forms infographics really works due to its meaningful presentation by use of charts, graphs & visualizations.

Also University of Texas Libraries is organizing special class / workshop Beyond PowerPoint: Say it with Infographics in October 2011.

This is something new hence sharing with all of you!!!!

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