LIS Journals

For librarians, giving journal related services to others is a routine job. But professionally, it is also important to have updated knowledge in our own field. For this, I have started reading LIS journals irrespective of format (online/print) , nature (priced/open access) as time permits.

For this, I will be adding links for journals in LIS especially their RSS as they give us the intimation regading the latest issue available. In case of priced journals, abstracts can give us idea about the articles which we may refer larer on...

Hope this will be useful to everyone. This is not an exaustive list as it will be ongoing activity as I may not be able to get much time. The list will be updated frequently... This may may be considered as my personal choice just to share with others!!!!!

  1. Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS)
  2. Ariadne
  3. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology
  4. Computers In Libraries
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