Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Onlines Journals, Ezines in Library & Information Science

It’s important that the library professionals should keep them selves updated with current happenings in the field. For this continuing education is must. For this purpose attending refresher courses / workshops / conferences / seminars is most popular.

Similarly reading journals in the library and information science should be given top priority. But most of the times librarians don't get time due to workload, or they neglect the importance of such journals for their professional development or sometimes they don’t have access as they don't subscribe them at all. The librarians may subscribe journals through library budget also.

But today, there are many free resources available on Internet provided direct access is available to library professionals.

One such resource is “Library, Information Science & Education – Online Journals, Ezines of interest.

This is directory of online journals. The site is informative as it provides useful information like :

  • Books about libraries/librarians
  • Resources for serials specialists
  • Quotes about Libraries, Books & Reading
  • Search engines and research tools
  • Some interesting articles
  • Library listerserves
  • Library blogs etc.

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